To bridge the growing gap between the skill levels required by industry and that of the job aspirant, Classic Power Vision Controls, a UAE based company with expertise in Automation and Instrumentation has started a training institute in Kottayam. We provide training in various levels of Automation and Instrumentation in our lab equipped with PLC/HMI/VFD.


Equipment List : PLC, HMI, VFD, Instruments.

Training Provided on : Concepts of Automation and Instrumentation, Introduction to Various brands and their specifications, Preparing wiring diagram, Programming of PLC/HMI/VFD, hands on training on wiring. Conceptualizing, Planning, Programming and Executing projects.

Our training schedule and facility will be useful for Engineers/ Diploma Holders in Electrical, Electronics/ Instrumentation background. Students with different background, but with a flair in Automation can also benefit from this programme.


Candidates will be provided with Theoretical and Practical Training on branded PLCs which are widely used in current industry. Students who complete the course will be trained for the below;

Basic Knowledge on the Programmable Logic Controllers such as PLC architecture and Software and Physical control wiring etc.

Programing concepts, Knowledge on Programming Languages and how to develop PLC program and applications.

Knowledge on HMI/SCADA systems and to develop application programs. Interfacing PLC to SCADA/ HMI Panel.

Those students who complete the courses successfully will be able to manage and develop PLC programs and applications on their own.


Trainees will be provided Theoretical and Practical Training on branded VFDs. Students who complete the course will be trained for the below;

Basic knowledge on Variable Frequency Drives and the latest brands and models used in the Industry.

Training on Selecting & configuring VFDs, Parametrization, Drive testing and commissioning with Motors.

Those students who complete the course successfully will be able to configure and commission VFD-motor independently.


This course is ideal for students who have completed above basic training courses and have proficiency in the PLC programming & Drive knowledge.

Basic knowledge on the industrial sensors and transmitters and acquaintance with physical devices.

Practical application of sensors and transmitters to PLC, reading parameters in the PLC programs, signal conditioning, scaling the signals, math functions, reading the physical variables in the PLC programs etc.

Working on an Industrial scenario which involves PLC, VFD, HMI system, Process Controllers, Field signals from sensors and transmitters, Control and Monitoring the process,Trouble shooting process breakdown etc.

Data communication such as Profibus communication with CPU and Field I/O expansion modules , other salve devices, remote terminals.


The training LAB is equipped with test facilities for the PLCs, VFDs, HMI.

Advance test set up for the advanced training program.

The models used in our lab are world famous brands and at par with current industrial standards.

Our training provides the candidates with a command on the subject, followed by an easy adaptation to industrial standards. It also helps fresh candidates to orient their career in a more demanding field.

Our training program and lab are managed by industrial experts over 20 years of experience in the Industrial automation fields who are still in the business. So no need to mention that such a training will provide our engineers and technicians more confidence and quality in their deliverables while on the job and a potential candidature and eligibility as far as employment opportunity is concerned.